Mads Sæløen


Westerdals Makerspace


Art Direction

Graphic Design




The importance of accepting failure, daring to explore and trusting the process are all vital aspects that can nurture creative thinking.

The Makerspace at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology was founded on these ideas, and aimed to be an arena where students could come in having zero knowledge about a given topic, but leave feeling that they had learned something of value.

The identity was built on the pre-existing visual language of the school, but it was important, however, to signal to students that this wasn't a place of rigor, rules and hierarchy. The Makerspace was a place where students were actively encouraged to explore, fail and learn. The ideas also needed to be present in the design of the identity itself.

In an effort to find an authentic, playful and experimental visual language; invite failure into the process, if you will; I used things like hot-glue guns and fat markers attached to sticks of wood in the process of creation.