Mads Sæløen

Hi, I'm Mads!

I'm a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer and

soon to be Motion Designer in Kvinesdal, Norway.




Art Direction

Graphic Design

Poster Design



Looking for a job can be an exhausting, thrilling, but also very disheartening process. As I was applying for jobs back in 2018, it dawned on me the amount of rejected applications that had accumulated in my inbox.

As a result of this, I decided to turn every rejected application into a poster, flipping the script on what it would mean to get turned down. Instead of letting it discourage me to keep going, now I would have the opportunity to further improve my design skills and

play around with layout, colour and form.


Oslo Styrkeløftklubb


Visual Identity





Founded in 1977, Oslo Powerlifting Club is one of the oldest and most well-established powerlifting clubs in Norway. Strength training has seen a large increase in popularity in Norway over the recent years, and these days the club has a large span of athletes at all ages.

Powerlifting logos are usually characterised by a visual language of clenched fists and 'strong' animals like bears and bulls etc. I therefore thought it was important to try to find a more inclusive, less intimidating visual language, to signalise that the club is open to anyone.

The shape of the logo is based off of the diamond shape found in the knurled part of the powerlifting bar. It made sense to use this as the starting point for the logo, as the bar is the one thing that unites all lifters regardless of age, gender, previous experience and physical strength.